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Mathira, Nyeri, Kenya

On the foothills of Mt. Kenya in the Aberdare Range, the Gikanda Farmers Cooperative Society is churning out some of the best coffee in the world. Their three main factories – Gichatha-ini, Kangocho, and Ndaro-ini – are in Mathira, Nyeri, and serve about 2,500 members, mostly growing SL28 and SL34 coffee varieties. Gikanda is known throughout Kenya for its quality, thanks largely to the collective efforts of elected management, who provide demonstration plots and routine field training. Gikanda factories are stringent in their quality control, and all coffee cherries are sorted for ripeness before being pulped, fermented, washed, soaked, and laid to dry. The elaborate process helps contribute to a cup that is second to none, as caramel and tamarind flavors balance notes of lime and grapefruit.

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