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Nyeri, Kenya

In the foothills of Mount Kenya in the Nyeri District, the Barichu Society farmers grow tea, bananas, vegetables and coffee under the shade of grevillea, macadamia, and eucalyptus trees. Since Gaturiri was built 50 years ago, the washing station has been producing top quality SL28 and SL34 coffee varieties with great care by optimizing every step in the process. Ripe cherry picking and strict sorting are the keystones of Gaturiri. The nearby Kirigu river provides ample water for the rigorous processing that begins with depulping, includes two fermentation stages, and involves several washings and an extended soaking. The coffee is pre-dried in the shade to wick away the surface moisture before it is moved into the sun to complete its 1-2 week drying process. Look for a sweet and vibrant cup that begins with milk chocolate and delivers fig, boysenberry, and redcurrant.

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