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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Bedhatu Jibicho

Bedhatu Jibicho, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

In Gedeb, a fertile pocket of southern Ethiopia that’s just east of Abaya Lake, Bedhatu Jibicho is producing some of the country’s most exciting coffee. With help from her son, Tesfaye, who runs day-to-day operations on the farm, she’s getting delicious (and prodigious) yields from her 45-hectare farm. After careful picking, this coffee is laid out on raised beds to dry, then taken north to be milled at a cooperatively-run facility in Addis Ababa. If washed Yirgacheffes, with their twinkles of jasmine and tamarind, are like a star-pocked sky, prepare for a more pointed experience with the naturally- processed Bedhatu Jibicho. Something, perhaps, closer to a legion of paratroopers, clad in sequin jumpsuits, free-falling gleefully through a fireworks display.

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