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Ethiopia Worka Kebed Wako


This single lot coffee from Kebed Wako is the result of Royal Coffee’s Ethiopia Red Cherry Initiative, which aims to compensate smallholder farmers directly for picking only the ripest of cherry. The Initiative was borne out of the recognition that in Ethiopia, a country with incredible genetics and terrain, too large a share of its four million smallholder farmers are impoverished and never receive more than the bare minimum for their work. The Ethiopia Red Cherry Initiative provides the structure through which we can buy directly from small landowners and pay an amount greater than the set price. Yirgacheffe is one of the most famous coffee regions in the world, and Kebed Wako’s coffee—a sun-dried natural exuberant with rose, cranberry, and brown sugar—reveals the beauty possible when we untangle larger export lots and taste the effort of an individual contributor.

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