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Ethiopia Sidama Homacho Waeno

Aleta Wondo Woreda, Sidama region, Ethiopia

Homacho Waeno is one of the largest cooperatives in the Sidama region, with 3,600 members and four washing stations. Since 1976, the co-op has prioritized sustainable growth and expert production. With the premiums from fair trade and organic certifications, they’ve brought electricity and roads to thousands of members. As for the coffee, indigenous cultivars grown at the region’s highest elevations are batch-fermented and expertly washed. The undeniable grace of virtuosic producers working in concert with the land and each other is evident in every cup. Dionysus, the Greek god of the grape and its ferments, would surely find immortal intoxication after one sip of Homacho Waeno. Inevitably, with its layers of nectarine preserves and nougat, juicy and fragrant as wine, coffee arabica would be added to his domain.

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