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Ethiopia Hambela Alaka Natural

Alaka Village, Guji, Sidama

The land upon which brothers Aman and Micheal Adinew established their farm, Hambela, was given decades before by the Ethiopian emperor to their family matriarch—Africa's first female pilot, Muluemebet Emiru. Auspicious beginnings for this forward-looking farm. Its holistic approach extends from farming practices to its workers, for whom housing and healthcare is provided. Hambela grows Ethiopian heirloom cultivars, has its own mill, and also processes coffee from nearby villages. The Alaka is named after one such village, where 300 farmers contribute to this naturally processed cup. Aster Aweke, Aman’s wife, is a famed songstress. With her voice as background, the decadence of cherry cola suddenly seems just right, because every sweet melody needs an equally sweet libation.

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