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Ethiopia Guji Select


This coffee comes to us from two separate washing stations, both in Ethiopia’s mountainous and coffee-rich Guji zone. Depending on where you wander in Guji, selections tend to oscillate between the hyper-tropical and the hyper-floral. Both coffees are selected at their peak of ripeness, then processed with a traditional Ethiopian washing style. Ever order a second dessert? Rather than deciding on just one Guji selection when so many were rocketing off the cupping table, we decided to combine two of the best we could find. Together, these coffees (from the Uraga and Anfararaa washing stations) call forth the sensation of skipping through a rose garden with a cherry Tootsie Pop tucked into one cheek – or of loosening one’s belt, cracking one’s knuckles, and making room for a second slice of key lime pie.

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