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Ethiopia Guji Hambela Buku


Hambela Estate makes its home beneath the dramatic canopy of old-growth forest. Over the years, we’ve not only admired the good work of its founders, brothers Aman and Michael Adinew, but we’ve also become their close friends. We aren’t the only ones to sing their praises. The Adinew brothers are quickly developing a reputation as two of the country’s—and even the continent’s—most innovative coffee producers by virtue of their holistic approach to farming and exceptional processing methods from seed to cup. Like many Ethiopian estates, Hambela occasionally processes ripe cherry from local farmers. This particular coffee, comprised of indigenous cultivars, comes from the nearby neighborhood of Buku. Its relatively short resting period after drying in the sun makes it exceptionally clear and crisp. In its delicacy, the Buku is not unlike a trio singing a cappella, forging a unique harmony of cranberry, guava, and lemon.

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