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El Mirador

Cauca, Colombia

Pedregal de Inza de Cauca is likely the source of the best coffee in Colombia, so we figured we'd showcase for you the top producer from this area. Libardo Ossa bought his small farm in 2000 and approached production with determination and innovation. He took to the hard task of uprooting a higher-yielding, resistant hybrid that produces inferior tasting coffee and supplanted it with heirloom Bourbon and Caturra trees. Libardo knew that traditional methods of drying coffee after depulping were compromising the fragile beans. Using shaded pre-drying, the beans are afforded an opportunity for gentler surface drying, ensuring a more sealed parchment (the papery shells that cover and protect each bean until the final milling stage). You’ll find El Mirador to be sweet and heavy-bodied delighting with flavors of brown sugar, crisp red apple, and hints of cinnamon and raw honey.

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