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Costa Rica Vista Al Valle Zapote Honey

San Juanillo, West Valley

In Costa Rica’s fertile West Valley, husband-and-wife team Oldemar Arrieta Lobo and Marlene Brenes Morera oversee three farms and one micro-mill. They are each descendants of coffee producers, and their attention to cultivation and harvest is a testament to their inherited wisdom. This particular cup, from Finca Zapote, is a knockout example of honey-processing, in which the coffee seed is dried with a thin layer of its fruit intact. The result is a beautifully fruited cup with syrupy notes of cherry and rosehip. When a new branch of a cherry tree is scratched, an almond-like fragrance is released. When a bee pollinates a wild rose, a scarlet rosehip emerges. And when Finca Zapote makes a honey coffee? These phenomena converge in one wondrous, syrupy cup.

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