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Costa Rica Tarrazú Tierra Fértil

Frailes de Desamparados, Tarrazú

High in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, Emilio Marin Piedra and his family have been growing organic coffee for over a decade. After hand-picking the ripest cherries, he delivers them to the innovative micro-mill run by AGRIVID (Asociación de La Violeta de Desamparados)*. As the country’s first organic mill, it uses a mere eight liters of water to process each sack of coffee cherries and then purifies the water for irrigation and fertilizes with the coffee pulp. Now that’s a system worth supporting. Imagine everything your nine-year old self coveted in one adult drink: the Juicy Fruit, the Snicker Bar, the Hi-C punch. Except now, the fruit is more nuanced, the caramel can’t stick to your braces, and there’s no plastic to unwrap. Isn’t it good to finally be an adult?

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