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Costa Rica Rivense del Chirripó Honey

Cerro Chirripó, Rivas, Brunca

One of our coffee buyers stumbled upon the Rivense de Rivas estate during his travels, and farmer Régulo Gerardo Ureña’s impassioned take on coffee quickly won him over. Cradled between two mountain ranges in the Brunca region of Costa Rica, the area has traditionally been overlooked by the specialty coffee world. But as Régulo Gerardo Ureña ascends into International Cup of Excellence stardom with his noteworthy cups, everyone is learning to put Brunca on the map. “Honey” here refers to the processing, where coffee cherries, without skin, are dried on raised beds. But the result is as good as honey made from a thousand bees and a million flowers—an ambrosial composition of provocative cherry and perfumed guava. Beware: its mighty powers pollinate even the idlest of imaginations.

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