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Costa Rica Lourdes de Naranjo Vista al Valle

Lourdes de Naranjo

Deemed by our coffee buyer as one of the most enjoyable coffees we get from Central America each year, this silky and sweet coffee is the handiwork of husband-and-wife team Oldemar Arrieta Lobo and Marlene Brenes Morera. For many years, they’ve been in the vanguard of growers who have propelled Costa Rica’s specialty coffee into the highest echelon by home-processing coffee on top-quality equipment—just footsteps away from where it was grown. Vista al Valle consists of the Villa Sarchi cultivar (a natural mutation of Bourbon) whose innate sweetness is brought out by expert honey-processing. Because a portion of the coffee cherry is left on the seed during the drying process, a honey coffee tends to have the clarity of a washed coffee with the fruited notes more characteristic of a natural. Thankfully, this year’s Vista al Valle follows suit.

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