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Colombia Suaza El Sombrero


El Sombrero is an exceptional coffee coming from the southwest of Colombia. Grown at high elevation in a humid, topsy-turvy area of the Andes, coffees from the Huila District are typically known for their intensity and buttery red fruits. El Sombrero, however, which grows in the speck of a town called Suaza, takes on a completely different and more delicate profile, demonstrating how microclimate and individual producers can significantly alter a coffee’s character. The masterpiece of a handful of farmers and producers, El Sombrero’s ripe cherry is hand-turned in fermentation tanks before being dried in miniscule batches. The result is a distinctive and jubilant washed coffee reminiscent of a brisk herbal tea with sweetgrass and florals. Its vernal qualities may make you pause to consider the absolute versatility of one plant: its open structure allows notes of lemongrass, brown sugar, and marmalade to linger gingerly in the mouth for a pleasantly long while.

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