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Colombia Bilbao Los Vascos

Bilbao, Colombia

Two distinct biannual harvests make Los Vascos perennially fresh. For that reason, it’s a mainstay in our house espresso blend. But with its lively tartness and a presence that’s nuanced yet complex (think herbal tea), Los Vascos is also a coffee to admire on its own. We’re just getting to know the region, because it has only recently emerged from decades of conflict. The ASOTBILBAO cooperative comprises farmers who have long sought refuge in the land. Colombia is not known for organic production, but growers here have a deep respect for the mountains that provide for them and wish to preserve the rich volcanic soil underfoot. Certified organic, this spring harvest mix of Caturra, Castillo, and Bourbon captures the essence of an origin we intend to carry for many seasons to come.

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