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We love this coffee. First off, like much of Burundi's coffee, this is older plantstock of heirloom bourbon and bourbon-related cultivars that bring to the cup a sweetness and complexity that is a great head start. Second, there is something unique in the terroir of Burundi that makes gives these coffees distinctive traits from even near neighbors like Rwanda. Third, the growers and millers involved with the Burenza washing station have delivered this lot that stands among the loveliest coffees we've sampled from all of Africa. Expect to love this coffee too. This is wake-up-the-neighbors good. A soft molasses sweetness, juicy mission fig, plum, tamarind, and a bit of jasmine in the aroma. We could keep on loading up on the fancy descriptors, but it would detract from the simple gestalt goodness you're going to get in your mug. We believe you can brew these beans beautifully any and every way you want.

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