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Beta Blend

Costa Rica, Ethiopia

What powers our indefatigable Digital team? What puts gas in their tank and allows them to code for arduous, eye-reddening stretches? To be honest, it’s probably some combination of smarts, willpower, and fancy ramen enjoyed in one of Oakland’s many hidden-away spots. Coffee’s in there too, of course. So when our Digital team came forward with a pitch for a lighter, more refreshing drip coffee blend we jumped at the opportunity. The Beta Blend was born. With each seasonally-changing version (OK, OK, iteration), we choose two of our single origins, then pair them up to produce a more delicate, sparkly drip coffee—less heavy-bodied than our traditional blends, but still an excellent stepping stone between grocery and Gesha. Why just two components? The Digital team will tell you it has something to do with the exponential grace of 1s and 0s. Sure, we’re on board. It also tastes delicious.

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