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Adulina Select

Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Just a few years back the best coffees from Yirgacheffe were phenomenal. Typical top grade Ethiopia coffees are inherently very good, but the best lots from some of the forward-thinking mills and boutique exporters were mindblowing. In 2008 Ethiopia nationalized much of it's coffee export system around the newly formed Ethiopia Commodity Exchange, abruptly ending much of the nascent top-teir specialty microlot trade and disappearing many great coffees. This coffee is comprised of top auction lots from small growers participating in the exchange. Normally a coffee like this with limited traceability wouldn't get our attention, but we were bowled over by it. Reminiscent of the best Yirgacheffes from days gone by and we felt we had to make an exception and share it with you. A rare treat. Expect soft toned lemon, mellow wineyness, honey, jasmine and great versatility across many brew methods.

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