Initially conceived as an alternative to the erratically composed and often disappointing iced latte, our New Orleans iced coffee is cold-brewed for 12 hours with roasted chicory and sweetened with organic cane sugar. The end result is a potent concentrate that we cut with organic whole milk. It's sweet, creamy and, perhaps most importantly, consistently delicious.


What you'll need

  • Coffee and chicory
  • Grinder
  • Scale
  • Stockpot
  • Bamboo paddle or butter knife
  • Fine metal sieve
  • Simple syrup
  • Just before you start the brewing process, grind one pound of coffee on a coarse setting.
    Add the grounds and 43 g of roasted chicory to your stockpot.
    Pour 2.5 quarts of filtered, cold water into the stockpot. Give the contents a few gentle stirs with a wooden spoon, so that all the grounds are visibly immersed.
    Cover the stockpot. Let its contents steep for 12 hours at room temperature.
    After the coffee's steeped, pour it through a fine-grained mesh sieve. Straining is easier if you first break the coffee crust with a wooden spoon. In terms of yield, look for about 4-5 cups of concentrate. As unappetizing as it may sound, the concentrate should resemble used motor oil.
    Add 85 g of simple syrup to your concentrate and incorporate it thoroughly with a wooden spoon.
    Serve over ice, and add milk to taste. The concentrate/milk ratio should be roughly equal. Unsweetened concentrate will last for 5-7 days. Once sweetened, it will only last for 1-2 days. Once you add milk, hustle up – it’s only excellent for an hour or so.