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Are your coffees Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified?

All Blue Bottle Coffee roasteries in the US are Certified Organic by CCOF, following all protocols and systems required to maintain this certification.

Over 85% of the coffee we buy is Certified Organic. Most of our blends are Certified Organic. In our online shop, certifications are listed in the details for each coffee. In our cafes, they are stamped on the bags themselves.

Our coffee buyers proudly place a great amount of emphasis on quality and sustainability, both from an environmental and economic standpoint.

We purchase a number of coffees from Fair Trade certified cooperatives; however, many producers decide it’s in their best financial interest to channel their resources toward continued advances in quality and sustainability instead of the expensive process of certification. We like to factor a producer’s efforts toward greater quality as well as environmental and economic responsibility into our purchasing decisions, regardless of their certification status.

Moving forward, it is our intention not only to maintain but to expand our efforts to search for the best sustainable coffees the world has to offer.

Last Updated Mar. 17, 2022