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How do I delay the start of my gift subscription?

Here’s how you can make this happen. First, head to our Gift Subscriptions page:

Our system will walk you through the process of setting up the gift subscription. When you reach this screen, you’ll be given three options as to how the recipient will receive the gift subscription.

We recommend selecting the “Print Gift Certificate” option for the best way to delay the start of the gift subscription:

Print Gift Certificate: We’ll send you a printable gift certificate to give the recipient in person. For this option, the subscription will not start until the recipient receives the certificate and goes on our website to activate the subscription. 

This is the easiest way to go; you can purchase the subscription now, then print out the certificate so you’re all ready to give it to them later on. If you prefer, you can also just download the certificate and email them a digital copy when the time is right.

Last Updated Nov. 8, 2021