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Check your gift card balance

Cafe eGift Cards

To check the balance on your Cafe eGift Card, please enter your 16-digit gift card number at the link below:

Square Gift Card Balance

Balances on Cafe eGift Cards are redeemable at Blue Bottle cafes only.

Online eGift Cards

To check your Online eGift Card balance, head over to the Your Credits and Charges section of your Blue Bottle Coffee account. 

There, you'll see your "Account Balance".

Your "Account Balance" will be your overall account balance, which will include any credit you may have on your account apart from your gift card, as well as the credits from your redeemed Online eGift Card. 

The total of your "Account Balance" can be used on any purchase from the webshop and can also be seen at checkout. 

Balances on your Blue Bottle Coffee account are redeemable at only.

Last Updated Apr. 4, 2022