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Can I change how often I receive coffee?

You may change how often coffee is sent to your door any time you’d like. You can select shipment cadences of every 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks.

It’s easy to change. Just follow these four steps:

Step 1

Head over to the Subscriptions section of your account dashboard.

Step 2

With this example, we’re switching from an every other week, to an every four weeks shipment cadence.

Choose the “Change Subscription” option and click the “Change” button to the right of your current shipment cadence details.

Step 3

Choose from the resulting list of shipment cadence options.

Step 4

Double-check and then confirm the change you’re making to the subscription with the “Continue to Review” button. Save these changes by clicking “Save Subscription Changes”

And voila, the subscription shipment cadence is now changed to deliver coffee every four weeks.

Last Updated Aug. 29, 2018