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Adding or updating a payment method

Adding a payment method

webshop & subscription

  1. On the Credit Cards page, click on the “Add New Card” button and enter your card’s information in the fields presented. 
  2. Click the “Add New Credit Card” button to confirm.
  3. If you have a subscription active on your account, we’ll ask if you’d like to use this newly added card on any of your subscriptions.
    a. If yes: Check the boxes next to the subscriptions on which you’d like the new payment method to be used, uncheck those you don’t, and click “Use for Future Payments”, or;
    b. If no: Click  “Cancel”


Updating a payment method


  1. On the Credit Cards page, Click “Update” next to the payment method currently being used on your subscription
  2. Choose
    a. One card from those available by pressing the “Choose” button (Congrats, you’re done!)
    b. Use the “Add a New Credit Card” button (heads-up: for security, you’ll need to use this option if you’re adding a new version of an old card)
  3. Click on “Update Billing  Information”


Accepted Payment Methods

Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Our system is not able to accept Visa gift cards at this time. 

For gift subscriptions merchandise, and webshop orders, we also accept Apple Pay and PayPal, where available.

Last Updated Apr. 12, 2022