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Today Is World Water Day

Clean water changes everything.

Worldwide, 663 million people live without clean water—many of them in the same countries from which we source our coffees. Though at Blue Bottle we take care to work with co-opswashing stations, and farms that promote gender equity, sustainable practices (like water-saving technologies), and good working conditions for farmers and producers alike, we're inspired by the enthusiasm of our guests who contribute to the many worthy causes that we support by visiting our cafes.

In honor of World Water Day, we're teaming back up with Charity: Water to raise funds for the people who need it most. Today and every time you visit one of our Washington, D.C., cafes, you'll have the option to donate to this incredible organization. 

We've already seen the impact of your support in Ethiopia. With your help, we'll continue to make a real difference for people all over the world. 

How does Blue Bottle give back? It's different in every community. 


By Blue Bottle Staff

Published Mar. 22, 2018

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