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Sweet Holiday Treats to Go with Your Coffee

For crisp winter mornings and hearthside afternoons

There are so many opportunities to indulge during the holidays, it can be hard to choose. Looking for the best treats to go with your favorite Blue Bottle coffees? Let us be your guide. 

Almond Cardamom Snowball

Rich and tender, this housemade cookie was crafted to pair with our Holiday Blend, Neighbor.

Almonds and warm spices—cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg—provide balance when matched with the radiant fruit of Neighbor coffee. As fleeting as a snowball indoors, this pairing is only available through the holidays. 

Holiday Blend Neighbor

With notes of white tea, gooseberry, and dried mango

Our luminous Holiday Blend was harvested from neighboring woredas in Southern Ethiopia. As our Coffee Buyer, Charlie, explains, despite historical tensions between the two, "Like any border communities, they share land, their kids are married, and their crops are on each other’s tables. METAD PLC, the company that buys and processes coffees in both communities, and our largest supplier in Ethiopia, has done more for prices and farmer prosperity than any company in history in this area. The result is a challenge to essentialism, where equal recognition and transparency thrives across borders. The coffees, like neighbors, have no reason to be separate."

It’s just for the holidays, and best enjoyed the way it was grown: among friends, loved ones, and of course, your neighbors.

Almond Brittle

This buttery confection—dazzling with orange zest and warm cinnamon—brings sweetness and crunch to our smooth, fruit-forward Holiday Blend.

Like our Almond Cardamom Snowball, this festive confection, which was made for us by Brooklyn’s oldest chocolate factory, was designed to pair with Neighbor. Enjoy them together in one of our cafes, or cozy up to the nearest hearthside on a crisp winter afternoon.

Join us in cafe for our scrumptious assortment of pastries, including vegan and wheat-free options.


By Blue Bottle Staff

For crisp winter mornings and hearthside afternoons

Published Nov. 12, 2018

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