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Introducing Cupping Room Sessions: Luluc

A team effort with our friends from Sub Pop Records

While we’re evaluating coffees in our Oakland cupping room, we make it a point to keep it free of distractions: no meetings, no music, very few words exchanged. Sure, we’ll slurp coffees and compare notes, but the space generally remains a sanctuary. A place where to take care of sensory business.

There are exceptions, though. Along with our friends at Sub Pop Records, we're pleased to launch “Cupping Room Sessions,” a series in which we invite musicians to repurpose the cupping room for their own artistic ends. Earlier this winter, we invited the band Luluc to kick off the series with "Reverie on Norfolk Street," a song from their critically-acclaimed sophomore album, Passerby.


By Blue Bottle Staff

Published Mar. 3, 2015

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