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Blue Bottle Holiday Gift Guide: The Coffee Connoisseur

For the discerning (and difficult to impress)

The nice thing about always serving delicious, sustainably sourced coffees is that we can be sure that all our guests, from casual drinkers to coffee fanatics, will enjoy them. The tricky thing about offering so many coffees (as well as brew tools, gifts, and keepsakes)? Choosing one that's just right for the coffee lover in your life.

Small Lot: California Good Land Organics 

A one-of-a-kind coffee grown in our home state

Even if they've never tried it themselves, coffee initiates will know Gesha by reputation alone. Also known as Geisha, this cultivar is believed to have originated in Ethiopia, and burst onto the specialty coffee scene back in 2004, when Hacienda La Esmeralda won the Cup of Excellence. Known for its tea-like delicacy and unusual deliciousness, this often-finicky plant is challenging to grow even in its natural habitat, but Santa Barbara–based farmer Jay Ruskey has spent the last decade developing the technology to do just that. With his hard work, we're able to share this Gesha and Caturra blend, grown right here in California. 

The Blue Bottle Toolbox

Available in Blue Bottle blue and eggshell white

Whether it's doing double-duty as the world's sturdiest wrapping paper, packed to the brim with coffee and brew tools, or a standalone gift for the pit-stopper, picnicker, or project-doer, this Trusco Toolbox is endlessly customizable. 

Blue Bottle Perfectly Ground: Guatemala El Injerto Pacamara Auction Lot

Roasted and pre-ground at peak deliciousness, this single origin is a tropical delight

Sometimes there’s so much going for a coffee that excellence is inevitable. This one was grown on Finca El Injerto in southwestern Guatemala, located in a near-perfect microclimate and altitude for coffee cultivation. With our proprietary Perfectly Ground technology, we can precisely grind and hermetically seal this one in an oxygen-free envelope. Your gift recipient will thank you for making this "stunning gem of a coffee," as our green buyer describes it, that much easier to enjoy.

The Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper

So your pro can make coffee like one

At our cafes, pour over comes standard, but this Dripper, and the coffee it brews, is anything but. After a year of intensive research, our team of scientists, engineers, and coffee aficionados created a Dripper that would yield a smooth, well-extracted pour over, every time.

The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee

We wrote the book on coffee

Let the aspiring home-roaster in your life get to know the story of coffee as told by our very own James Freeman. Part wedding memoir, how-to, atlas, and cookbook, this book has something to offer even the most well-informed coffee lover. 

Wood-Handled Pouring Kettle

It's all in the technique

Finding the right kettle (and learning how to correctly use it) has a much greater impact on your home-brewing experience than many might realize. Marvel at the smoothness of the pour and the way it enhances (and helps you slow down for) your morning routine. It's also an excellent size for Chemex and French press.

Coffee Subscription

Their favorite coffees, delivered to their door

We send our subscribers the world’s finest single origin, blend, and espresso coffees—why not share that deliciousness? With the ability to customize and renew, your gift recipient's good taste will have free rein. Non-connoisseurs take note: Our Welcome Kit Subscription includes complimentary tools and tutorials for coffee-lovers of all experience levels.

The Blue Bottle Holiday Collection comprises a world of delight. 


By Blue Bottle Staff

Published Dec. 4, 2017

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