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​ Summertime Is for Affogato

Sweet proof that opposites attract

“Like all magnificent things, it's very simple.”

Tuck Everlasting, by Natalie Babbitt

Blue Bottle coffee affogato

Blue Bottle Coffee Affogato

An affogato is nothing more than a shot of espresso over ice cream, yet the delight that comes from the two intermingling ingredients is anything but straightforward. No bite is the same, no moment static.

In Italy, the affogato's country of origin, this treat, whose decadence falls between a latte and coffee ice cream, is enjoyed any time of day. Sicilians are even known to start a sultry summer morning with gelato, or coffee granita, and an espresso on the side. 

Blue Bottle coffee affogato

In the United States, we tend to relegate ice cream to dessert. But with our measured approach—just a couple scoops of a local creamery’s best—we’re willing to reconsider. 

Blue Bottle coffee affogato

Discovering that affogato literally means “drowned,” you might be a little unsettled—until you remember that the twisted pasta shape, strozzapreti, translates to "priest stranglers," or that the expression for meringue, brutti ma buoni, means "ugly but good." Its name may be a touch macabre, but the affogato itself is ingeniously simple and incontestably delicious.

Blue Bottle coffee affogato

Visit our cafes in each region to sample different ice creams drowned in Hayes Valley Espresso (or our decaf blend, Night Light). Every region features the ice cream of a local creamery, and everywhere serves vanilla, except, that is, for the Bay Area, where Humphry Slobombe's Brown Butter reigns supreme. 

If a simple affogato isn't enough to sate your appetite, we recommend you try our own spin-off, a secret item not listed on the menu, but fulfilled upon request: the Wafelgato.

Blue Bottle coffee affogato
Blue Bottle Coffee Wafelgato

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By Blue Bottle Staff

Published Jun. 21, 2018

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