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Devin demonstrates the inverted Aeropress technique.

I didn’t love the Aeropress at first, but I came around eventually and now it’s an essential part of my morning routine. In Devin’s Just Add Water video, he uses the simple inverted technique where the plunger is connected first and the cap and filter get attached last. This prevents coffee from starting to drip out right from the beginning and allows you to play with a wider range of grind sizes and dwell times.

There is no one right way to brew with the Aeropress (though we strongly suggest ignoring most of the instructions that come in the box). As always, Tonx members can reach out to us any time for help in troubleshooting their brewing and making the most of their morning mugs.

Wanna Give It a Try?

Tonx members can buy an Aeropress directly from us. Not a member? You can grab one on Amazon. (But you should totally become a member if you’re not already. It’s awesome.)


By Tony Konecny

Tonx Cofounder & Bean Fiend

Published Oct. 20, 2013

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